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The DESTRAL is one of the leading players in the high quality wooden sections production.
We are traditional authority firm operating and founded on June 20, 1994.
We transform raw material into technologically advenced solutions. We make high quality wooden sections made of cemented and solid wood, and structural lumber for building as well as screeds, garnish strips, mouldings, frame sections, paint looms and parts of furniture.

The DESTRAL pioneering work for spans traditional high quality products, wide experience in designing and manufacturing together with market analysis, and with understanding of customer requests, is the base of our activity.
We employ ambitious specialists with a desire for international project managment and a drive to build up markets. We focus on productive and effective rather development and ambitious specialists.
We use energy-efficient high effective technologies as well as software tools.We also aim at creation green solutions for the modern infrastructures.
Thanks to our passionate work, our clients satisfaction is inspiring us to explore and challenge our own creative potential, and to increase our market presence in Poland.
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